Mail Server Update

Our apologies for the disruption to our FREE service for our web mail customers. Customers who use IMAP or POP3 in their smart devices are unaffected. This is now only affecting 56 email customers and we will have full service restored to you in the coming days. In the meantime you could use a 'mail client' on your laptop / pc (Windows or Mac) so that you can see all of your old emails, receive new and send. We recommend eM Client, their free version is easy to install and, once downloaded, to set up you simply enter your email address and password and it will connect automatically to our mail server and in minutes you will have full access and functionality. You can even import your calendar.

MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird email clients, Android and Apple native devices can also send and receive your DIRECTSAVE.NET emails

Mailserver name: (POP3: 110, SMTP:25)

login: your email address, password: your password


Current Service Status : OK